Milligram Girl

Fighting the sodium villain one meal at a time!



Hello World! My name is Julie. I am a mother of two, grandmother of three, and daughter to a father that was recently diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. I absolutely hate to cook so fast, cheap and easy had been my way of thinking for quite some time when it came to meal planning.

The day dad received his diagnosis was a tough one. Sitting at the kitchen table across from him, with his head down, as he told me the news and that his doctor had said he needed a NO sodium diet sent me into a panic. Panic..first for his health and what it all meant, second for the thought that special diet + low income = surely impossible! When dad looked up, with a defeated expression, to say “What am I going to do?”,  it sparked a motivation in me that made me blurt out “Don’t worry about it dad, we can do this!”.

And so….I set out on a quest to navigate the task of cooking with as little sodium as possible without breaking our budget. It has been a bumpy road full of trial and error and it is my hope that what we have learned along the way will be of help to someone else facing the same task!

Please feel free to jump in and leave your replies and share your opinions, suggestions, personal experiences, etc.  You never know who may be reading or looking for that exact information!

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